Glycerin Traders Ships
First Load of Glycerin to China

Glycerin Traders is pleased to announce our first loading of a container of 80% crude glycerin destined for China. Six containers have been loaded and shipped and an addition ten loads contracted. This was a very exciting endeavor and you can see some photos of the step-by-step loading process at this link. We are currently in discussions with other companies in different countries and are hopeful to continually expand our sales on a global level.

Glycerin Traders specializes in the trading of various grades of glycerin, vegetable & animal fat (for biodiesel plants and other uses), mixed alcohol, multiple types of feed ingredients, including jam, sugar, maple syrup, BBQ sauce, etc, and most other recyclable, organic ingredients.

Glycerin Traders has two glycerin processing lines located in Stillwell, Indiana and Defiance, OH. The Stillwell facility has the ability to process approximately 160,000 gallons of raw glycerin from biodiesel plants to produce 80% crude glycerin, wet methanol, and fatty acids. The Defiance facility has the ability to process approximately 150,000 gallons of raw glycerin to produce 80% crude glycerin, reclaimed methanol, and fatty acids. The reclaimed methanol is sold back to biodiesel plants as a production input and the fatty acids can go to either biodiesel plants or feedmills.

We are constantly seeking glycerin, waste feed ingredients, and biodiesel sources to sell through our network of buyers.  If you have any of these products available, please contact our office to speak with one of our buyers.

Located on the Chicago South Shore railroad line, Glycerin Traders has the ability to transload from rail to truck or truck to rail, all bulk dry and liquid ingredients.

Glycerin Traders consults for biodiesel plants, helping them to maximize profit and dispose of their glycerin waste. We also specialize in the purchase of assets from bankrupt or non-operating biodiesel operations for resale into existing biodiesel plants or other industries. 

You can reach Glycerin Traders by calling 219-369-1066. or emailing  We look forward to talking with you. 

LaPorte, IN
3522 S.R. 104 (Stillwell)
LaPorte, IN 46350
Defiance, OH
815 Greenler St.
Defiance, OH 43512
Phone: 219-369-1066
Phone: 419-782-2115
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