Glycerin Traders

Harnessing the value of biodiesel waste
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Glycerin Traders

Harnessing the value of biodiesel waste
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Refining Solutions  Since 2010

Glycerin Traders LLC is a family-owned glycerin, fatty acid & methanol processing and trading company that specializes in transforming raw glycerin into reclaimed products. We opportunistically trade waste feed ingredients and biodiesel to be used in production, fueling our goal of environmental sustainability.

LaPorte, IN

Headquarters and GT’s railcar station.

Defiance, OH

+1400 ton/month Glycerin and Methanol processing plant.

Keokuk, IA

Newest addition to the team in 2019.

L. Providence, LA

Bayou Bioenergy plant focusing on glycerin processing.

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Doubled growth over the past 4 Years

Since 2012, internal data shows that sales & production have more than tripled. But there is still room to grow! With new plants being set up, we are increasing production and expanding our client base and business partners more and more each year.


increase in sales since 2014


increase in railcar shipments since 2012

Published Articles

Pushing Plants Harder Reduces Cost More than We Thought

Improving effeciency and increasing production, conserves energy and saves money. 2019.

Glycerin as Anti-freeze Agent for Coal

Seasonality of glycerin prices and new uses for the product. Glycerin and water mixture is tolerant of colder temperatures. 2016

Good Boiler Management Saves Money and Promotes Longevity

Using quality water, paying for accurate intake, and recycling hot condensation will generate the most heat for the least amount of money. 2019.

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