Family owned & operated for 10 years

Glycerin Traders LLC was established in 2010 by Dennis and Marina Zeedyk, aiming to be a safe place for biodiesel plants to dispose of excess inventory. Around this same time, they started selling waste jam in central Indiana to nearby dairy farms. After renting a facility in 2012, just outside of LaPorte, IN, they began to trade more waste glycerin and do some railcar trans-loading for a nearby feed mill – moving canola meal from rail to truck. There they built a small crude glycerin processing facility in autumn of 2012. Using the confidence from this, GT teamed up with a group from Michigan to purchase a bankrupt biodiesel facility in Defiance, OH in December of 2013. Starting with one methanol distillation line & one glycerin line, they soon doubled the methanol production from this facility and started two more glycerin lines. In the summer of 2016, GT rented a facility in Lake Providence, LA and started processing glycerin there – producing 80% glycerin, fatty acids and wet methanol. In the summer of 2019, a fourth facility was started in Keokuk, IA that had two glycerin lines & could distill methanol. All four facilities have access to rail spur. As well as glycerin and biodiesel, GT keeps companies out of landfills by putting their waste products to use in animal feed or digesters to produce electricity. In the four plants today, Glycerin Traders is home to 30 employees across the US. GT continues to strive for solutions to industrial plant waste that cuts costs, increases profits, and promotes a cleaner planet.

Our Team

Dennis Zeedyk

President – CEO

Sasha Hansen

Accounting – Bookkeeping