Position Description
Warehouse Operator & Truck Driver

General Objective:
The Glycerin Traders (GT) Truck Driver will report both to the GT Vice President and the GT Plant Manager, unless otherwise notified or alternate organizational chart is developed.  The operator will be responsible for loading and unloading trucks and railcars, driving forklifts, operating liquid pumps for transferring glycerin, jam and other pumpable liquids, hand-dump boxes & buckets, etc.  The driver will also pick-up and deliver jam & glycerin within a 2-hour radius of LaPorte using our semi truck and tanker to load and off-load products.  At all times, the driver will maintain appropriate records, abide by all regulatory and environmental laws, effectively communicate with the GM and all other employees, confidentially maintain trade secrets, while striving to maximize profits for the company.   A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required for this position. 

Specific duties shall include:

    • Regularly load & unload dry & liquid railcars and trucks in increment weather at all times of the day, while maintaining accurate records.  The use of a forklift and pallet jack may be required, necessitating a relatively high degree of energy and physical fitness. 
    • Transfer products between tanks using sludge pumps.
    • Deliver tanker-loads of jam & glycerin to multiple farms within a 2-hour radius of LaPorte (all within Indiana).  Operate truck & pump to fill farmer’s tanks. 
    • Use forklifts to load and unload trucks. 
    • Communicate to the VP, Plant Manager and other employees on current production situation, special circumstances, possible process improvements, etc. in order to enhance efficiencies and improve margins. 
    • Any other duties assigned by the Vice President and Plant Manager.