Methanol Processors is a methanol distilling operation located in Defiance, OH.  We purchase wet methanol from various outlets, mainly biodiesel operators, and distill it into 99.99% reclaimed methanol.

Reclaimed methanol has many uses, such as an antifreeze, solvent, denaturant and biodiesel manufacturing.  Our primary customer is biodiesel operators who use it in their biodiesel manufacturing process.  There are many advantages for biodiesel operators to use reclaimed methanol the main one being cost.  Reclaimed methanol is less expensive than virgin methanol, thus meaning increased profits for our biodiesel customers.

We also have the unique ability to deliver reclaimed methanol to the biodiesel manufacturers and take back either their glycerin or wet methanol.  The advantage to this is the cost of the freight is much less since we already are on site delivering the reclaimed methanol and can usually get reduced freight rates since we are providing a back haul to the trucking company.

If you would like to discuss how reclaimed methanol could increase your profits and at the same time find an outlet for your glycerin and wet methanol, please email or or contact our office at 219-369-1066.

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